1,000 Hours(吉他谱)

作词: B. Armstrong  作曲: B. Armstrong  演唱: Green Day
发布时间: 2015-04-21  曲调:   来源:
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1,000 Hours歌词

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Made by plumage Starlit night The moon is shining bright You are the one I need Up at your window I see a shadow Silhouette of your grace Here's this flower I picked for all the hours That you've spent with me The one I love That I've been dreaming of Sailing across the sea Let my hands flow through Your hair. Moving closer A kiss we'll share Passionate love to be all night long We'll never break, as one too strong Nothing's more Than what our love is for As I kiss your cheek Oh so softly Hands flowing down my back 1,000 hours, I'll never leave Our romance Is a love trance And now we'll never part 1,000 hours Of such a love shower We'll never stop, once we start Strrrooooonnnggg...